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News | Samsung Ads introduces new CTV ad types

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Samsung Ads introduces new CTV ad types

328 Views / Article by Advert On Click / 26 September 2023
Samsung Ads introduces new CTV ad types

Samsung Ads is rolling out new interactive ad types to smart TV advertisers through a partnership with CTV ad experience platform BrightLine.

“With BrightLine’s advanced capabilities, advertisers are now able to engage consumers in a real-time dialog and exchange for the first time on Samsung Smart TVs, opening a whole new world of possibilities for brands,” said Michael Scott, vice president of ad sales and operations for Samsung Ads, in a company statement.

New ad units. The new dynamic ad units from Samsung Ads include:

Trivia: Viewers response to a branded trivia question;
Product Carousel: Enables scrollable carousel of products, features, tips, etc;
Polls: Simple polls to tailor messaging;
Game/Reveal: Gamifies the creative experience; and
Dynamic/Addressable Creative: Store locators and dealer locators that direct consumers to where they can purchase products.
Units in the BrightLine suite of ad products plug into Samsung’s user interface and smart TV operating system, complementing Samsung Ads’ existing inventory of in-stream, native and cross-platform ads.

Early adopters. Early interest in the new Samsung Ads ad units is coming from advertisers in CPG, Automotive and Entertainment, we’re told by a Samsung Ads source.

Why we care. Traditionally, TV ads have been a passive experience. If consumers take action, they do so on a “second screen,” usually with the phone in their hand. Smart TV operating systems are encouraging users to do more on the big screen like making purchases and playing games. The resulting user data in this ecosystem drives better personalization, and new interactive ad units will make the experience more compelling for consumers. Ad experience is an important part of CTV’s continued growth, especially with more streaming services introducing ad-supported options.

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