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News | Infillion launches media buying product for executing up and down the funnel across platforms

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Infillion launches media buying product for executing up and down the funnel across platforms

362 Views / News Story by Advert On Click / 21 March 2023
Source: digiday
Infillion launches media buying product for executing up and down the funnel across platforms

Ad tech company Infillion today is launching a new media buying product aimed at measuring all campaign key performance indicators across platforms, Digiday has learned.

InfillionX is the company’s first full-funnel product that allows users to build and execute campaigns across the entire Infillion platform, from brand building and CTV to rich media display and performance metrics. The platform can also provide custom targeting, geolocation, store visit data and data around attention.

The new offering comes after the merger of media company TrueX, location technologies company Gimbal and OOH company InStadium one year ago. Infillion works with brands that include Pinterest, Kraft and Amazon.

Infillion’s founder Rob Emrich described the product as “a culmination” of the services they have acquired. “It’s really using a lot of the intention that I think the TrueX product is incredible at delivering, but then linking that to other KPIs with footfall traffic, which was mostly related to data,” he said.

It essentially enables media buyers and users to look up and down the funnel easily in one place. Media buyers typically have to gather data from multiple providers and multiple places for their buy list and sort through those metrics.

Carl Fremont, CEO of performance marketing agency Quigley-Simpson, said buyers can create a custom media plan using this tool, which “means that we don’t have to seek out a complicated array of different relationships to produce a top-notch campaign. We can accomplish it all in one place.”

A group of agency and advertising partners received early access to InfillionX to test the full-funnel solution, with Horizon Media participating in the pilot. The agency was able to test it with clients, including Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino Resort, which is trying to raise awareness of, and foot traffic to, its location.

Using interactive video ads and dynamic retargeting with geofencing, the platform determined when customers visited Wind Creek after engaging with the campaign. After delivering the KPIs in one place, they were able to see that awareness increased, said Kyung Kim, svp of digital activation at Horizon Media.

“It goes down to this idea of measuring foot traffic of those consumers who engage with their interactive placements,” Kim said. “The combination of their ability to target the engagement unit that provides the consumer an opportunity to learn a bit more about the brand, without leaving video experience, was how those interactions translated to foot traffic.”

As more data becomes available from various providers, attention has emerged as a focus for buyers. As Kim put it, last touch point has always been “the default” metric. But there are more ways to measure impact now, and “there’s an overall curiosity around how attention could start to be a metric that starts informed decisions,” Kim added.

“The opportunity with publishers and technologies, offering that as a capability, I think is very interesting, and does start to expand the kind of standard KPIs that digital advertisers typically operate against,” Kim said.

InfillionX also offers features from its TrueTargeting capability, creative studio and cross-device inventory. Its inventory covers more than 100 suppliers, from Roku to Hulu, while first-party data includes consumer opt-in sources that show viewing and location data.

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